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30 Minute Facial

Give a quick glow to your skin with an exfoliation, massage and a mask adapted to your skin needs on your lunch time

30 Minutes - $50

Aromassage Facial

Give a quick glow to your skin with an exfoliation, massage and a mask adapted to your skin needs on your lunch time

45 Minutes - $60

Ozone Care Facial

A 60 minute treatment including an exfoliation of the face neck and neckline followed by an extraction with steam, massage and mask adapted to your skin needs.

60 Minutes - $70

Amelie's Signature Facial

A 75 minute facial including exfoliation, deep extraction with steam followed by a southing massage and a mask adapted to your skin needs.

75 Minutes - $85

Diamond Microdermabrasion

The perfect to maintain your skin between the deluxe treatment for more results on the signs of aging.

30 Minutes - $65

Diamond Microdermabrasion Deluxe

This treatment combine properties of the massage and deep extraction under steam to the benefits of an intense cellular renewal obtained by the technique of Diamond Microdermabrasion.
Gently polished by diamond particles, the skin reveals its original glare. The face is redensified, the skin, plump, the smoothed features. the skin tone is fresh, perfectly unified and luminous.

90 Minutes - $130

Lifting 3D Facial

Lifting 3D massage facial is designed to raise energy levels, lift skin and transform the posture.

90 Minutes - $120


Californian Massage

For those who need to fight off stress, the Californian brings you relaxation with light pressure, continuous and and enveloping movements.

30 Minute - $60
60 Minute - $85
90 Minute - $110

Relaxation Massage

This relaxing massage is a protocol developed by Amelie Gazzola, a mixture of Californian, Swedish and other various techniques learned during its 10 years of experience that will help you release tension of the body.

30 Minute - $60
60 Minute - $85
90 Minute - $110

Deep Tissue Massage

Slow, deep pressure and skillful hand movements.
target stressed muscles, unlock tension and relieve pain.
An ideal pre or post workout massage.

30 Minute - $65
60 Minute - $90
90 Minute - $120
120 Minute - $160

Hot Stones Massage

Swedish massage enhanced by warm stone therapy allowing the toxins to come up to the surface of the skin.
Smooth stones glide over skin, warming muscles and inducing a unique, comforting form of relaxation.

60 Minute - $100
90 Minute - $130


Specialized pressure techniques are applied to specific wellness-related reflex points on the feet to release blocked energy, relieve stress and boost circulation.

30 Minute - $55


Back Treatment

60 Minutes - $75



Face & Neck

Eyebrows - $15
Reshaping - $20
Lips/Ears/Nose - $10
Chin - $10
Face - $35
Neckline - $14

Upper Body

Back/Chest - $50 and up
Arms - $30
Underarm - $16

Lower Body

Bikini - $25 - $75
Half Lower Legs - $35
Upper Legs - $40
Full Legs - $60
Fulls Legs and Bikini - $90

Makeup & Other Services

Collagen Mask

You will enjoy an luxurious feeling of relaxation with the 24KT Gold collagen mask. this gold mask is proven and tested to moisturize and hydrate the skin. It rebuilds collagen giving your skin a more firm and taut feeling. Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles with every use. You will look and feel years younger and your skin will glow with a subtle shimmer.



Eyelash - $33
Eyebrow - $25
Eyelash & Eyebrow - $55

Make Up

Cocktail/Evening - $75
Bridal - $80